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IDDE Training Quiz 2018

  1. Does common sense prevent spills or liquid that can pollute?*
  2. Who is the first line of defense to report IDDE or polluting spills?*
  3. Should you store solvents or liquids near any drain?*
  4. Are pollutants or illicit discharges found only while at work?*
  5. What does SPCC stand for?*
  6. Can a colorful sheen on a liquid indicate contamination?
  7. Should you replenish spill supplies after a spill event?*
  8. Is it a good idea to have plastic bags and nitrile gloves in a spill kit?*
  9. Should you inspect monthly liquid storage areas for leaks?*
  10. Can a minor spill rapidly grow into a major spill?*
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