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IDDE Training Quiz 2017

  1. What is an illicit discharge? Liquid that pollute, not just those considered toxic?*
  2. Who is the first line of defense to report IDDE or pollutants?*
  3. Who do you call to report toxic spills?*
  4. Are pollutants or illicit discharges found only while at work?*
  5. Can radiator flush liquids be toxic?*
  6. Is a sewage leak in a stream OK because of dilution?*
  7. Does I.D. stand for illicit discharge?*
  8. Is laundry rinse water OK to release in a backyard ditch?*
  9. Should you discard old house-hold-chemicals in your home trash?*
  10. Does Opelika have a SWMP plan and ordinance for storm water management and protection?*
  11. Bonus Questions
  12. ADEM stands for Alabama Environmental Management Agency that answers to the EPA?*
  13. EPA stands for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency?*
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