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Parks & Recreation - Archery Project

  1. Scope of Work

    To construct an archery shooting house and raised archery shooting platform at Spring Villa Park.

  2. Special Instructions

    All construction will follow plans provided by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.  City reserves the right to make changes to the selected design within the project scope and budget. Contractor must be licensed as a State of Alabama General Contractor. The license must be included in the bid envelope. Performance and Payment Bonds for the full contract sum will be required of the successful bidder. 

  3. Work Location

    Opelika Springvilla Park
    1474 Lee Road 148
    Opelika, AL 36804

  4. Contractor Name
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  7. NOTES:

    1. Bill will be considered valid for a period of 60 days after submittal.

    2. City has the right to accept or reject any or all parts of the bid.

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