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1. I understand that this is something that has to be completed this year before 12/30/2021. Could you please explain how we register the units?
2. Registering is something that we will have to do every year during the dates provided, correct?
3. My corporate office is not local. What source of payments will we need to provide for this. Is this Net 30 as checks again only come out of our corporate office?
4. If we currently have HUD/REAC inspections every so many years, which are scheduled per passing on prior inspections, is this ordinance something we still have to do?
5. When and how is the $50 inspection fee paid?
6. How will scheduling inspections be processed and what is the the turnaround time for them to be completed?
7. Is it correct to say that the only time that a unit is inspected is when the unit becomes VACANT? No inspections will be performed while a unit is occupied?
8. Why does the city need an agent residing in Lee County as the contact for a property?
9. As far as inspectors that come out to the property, is there a way that someone could be trained or learn how to perform these tasks for their own property where they physically work?
10. Is there a exact link for the property maintenance code that we can save to our computers for apartment inspections that the City will be using?