Can I take pictures with the Christmas scenes?

Park visitors are NOT allowed to cross the barricades and flagging to access the Christmas decorations at back of the park. Unsecure extension cords and electrical wiring are abundant. They pose a great danger to pedestrians. Please keep a close watch on children and respect all boundaries within the park.

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1. What time is the event?
2. What activities will you have?
3. How much are train rides?
4. Does my infant need a ticket?
5. What payment options do you accept?
6. How much are pictures with Santa?
7. What type of concessions will be available?
8. What types of vendors will be at the Christmas Market?
9. How do I become a vendor at the Christmas Market?
10. How long is the line to ride the train?
11. Where can I park?
12. If it's raining will the event be rescheduled?
13. Can I take pictures with the Christmas scenes?