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Jul 12

July 11, 2023 City Council Meeting

Posted on July 12, 2023 at 3:15 PM by Caitlin Allen

I was honored to present an Attaboy award to Officer Adam Stadler of the Opelika Police Department last night.

After undergoing surgery for a brain tumor in February of 2023, Officer Stadler returned to work in under two months. While recovering he proved himself to be a highly valuable asset to his shift answering walk in complaints, reports, and any other tasks that he could get his hands on. In just a few short months, Officer Stadler has overcome many obstacles, setbacks, and has now returned to full duty of June 7, 2023. 

During his recovery Officer Stadler took on the task of heading up the OPD 2023 Burger Wars competition. Officer Stadler developed and tested several burger combinations, OPD won the 2023 Burger Wars Tailgater Division Crowd Favorite and took 2nd place winner. Officer Stadler has now won the crowd favorite award two years in a row, and scored the 2nd place tailgator division for the first time. His efforts have enhanced the mission of the police department and emboldened the motto "Together Opelika." Officer Stadler's efforts and accomplishments bring great honor and pride to Bravo Shift, the Opelika Police Department, and the City of Opelika. 



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