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My blog is a place where I brag on the great things people are doing in our community. From proclamations to awards to events and more, I love recognizing those who make a difference in Opelika.

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Jan 07

January 4, 2022 City Council Meeting

Posted on January 7, 2022 at 10:23 AM by Leigh Krehling

At the Opelika City Council Meeting on Tuesday, January 4, 2022, I had the honor of accepting a $100,000 check from Point Broadband to support the construction of the 12 new pickleball courts at the Opelika Pickleball Facility. Construction of the new courts is currently taking place adjacent to the 12 existing courts and will feature a large canopy covering, 12 individually fenced courts and LED lighting. The 12 new courts will be known as the Point Broadband Pickleball Facility. 


Pictured in photo: Jim Young, President of the Opelika Pickleball Club, Sam Bailey, Director of Opelika Parks and Recreation, Mayor Gary Fuller, Al McCambry, General Manager of Point Broadband and Taylor Nipper, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Point Broadband.

We also showed our thanks to two Planning Department employees. Jeff Kappleman and Andy Bell received Attaboy Awards for their exemplary work. Jeff, Chief Building Inspector, received the Mentor of the Year award at the Code Officials of Alabama Association (COAA) meeting in August 2021. He was presented the award for his support and dedication given to the President and COAA organization. In the previous year, the COAA was recognized as Chapter of the Year by the International Code Council for its educational outreach programs to more remote areas of the state, scholarshiop awards and a focus on expanding certifications. 

Andy, Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector, received his Home Energy Rating System certification to use as an inspector and plans reviewer. The training helps educate builders on how to exceed requirements of the energy codes and help drive down energy costs for homeowners. He also recently co-authored "Understanding HVAC Load Calculation", a training manual developed by Southface that was published by the ADECA Energy Division. He also contributed in the development of the Energy Code Inspection Checklist used across Alabama by building inspectors to verify energy code compliance. 

Great work by both of these gentleman. We are proud you are part of the Opelika family.

IMG_1708L-R: Jeff Kappleman, Chief Building Inspector, Mayor Gary Fuller, Andy Bell, Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector, City Administrator Joey Motley, Matt Mosley, Planning Director


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