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May 17

May 4, 2021 City Council Meeting

Posted on May 17, 2021 at 10:33 AM by Taylor McAllister

During Opelika City Council, I had the privilege of congratulating several graduating seniors who received the Killgore Scholarship, our OHS Outdoor Track and Field State Champions, signed a Bike Month proclamation, a third annual Opelika Giving Day proclamation and gave an Atta Boy Award to IT department's James Bush! I love watching people accomplish goals and celebrating as a community.

OHS Outdoor Track Team
OHS 2021 Track Team State Champions with trophy and Mayor Fuller

Killgore Scholarship Seniors

2021 Killgore Scholarship Winners

Bike Month Proclamation
Bike Month Proclamation

Opelika Giving Day Proclamation

Atta Boy Award


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