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Jan 28

January 5, 2021 City Council Meeting

Posted on January 28, 2021 at 10:00 AM by Taylor McAllister

Happy New Year, Opelika! We had our first city council meeting of the year this Tuesday and I was happy to see several residents and employees in attendance. Below are my remarks and presentations...

Officer Chase Higgins - "Atta Boy!" Award 

Chase Higgins Atta Boy Award 2021

I presented an Atta Boy Award to OPD Office Chase Higgins for his outstanding leadership. Recently, he presented a new training program to his supervisors attention and excelled in it himself! 

National Human Trafficking Awareness Month

National Human Trafficking Awareness Month

I proclaimed January 2021 Human Trafficking Awareness Month for Opelika. Folks, this is a serious problem internationally and it will not be tolerated in Opelika. We will be educating the public through our social media on ways to be aware and currently looking into more certifications and programs for employees and local businesses. You can read my entire proclamation here. 

John Emerald Distillery - PROOF Awards
John Emerald Distillery

Last but not least, I recognized John Emerald Distillery for the prestigous awards they won in Las Vegas at the yearly PROOF Awards International Spirits and Wine Competition. I also thanked them for stopping production and making hand sanitizer for the community when we were short during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are a great asset to our community!


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