Opelika Community Archery Park

The Opelika Community Archery Park includes a shooting house with 12 covered bays, with targets from 20-60 yards. The range also has a raised platform that provides bowhunters an opportunity to simulate tree stand hunting conditions. 


The Opelika Community Archery Park is open year-round from 7 a.m. until dark.


The Opelika Community Archery Park is free and open to the public. 


  1. Only arrows with field or target points may be used or possessed on the range. NO BROADHEADS may be possessed on the range, except by permit.
  2. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  3. Arrows may only be nocked onto the bowstring when standing on the shooting line preparing to shoot.
  4. Shooting allowed only from the shooting line and only into the designated targets.
  5. Shooters are allowed to bring and shoot at a paper face placed on an existing target as long as it is removed from the range once the individual has finished shooting. Personal targets are not allowed on the range, except by permit.
  6. Bows must be hung on the bow hanger or placed behind the shooting line when waiting to shoot or while archers are down range retrieving arrows. No shooting shall be allowed while anyone is down range.
  7. All persons are to remain behind the shooting line while shooting is taking place.
  8. Arrows from bows of 30-pounds draw weight or more may only be shot into the targets on the adult range. Arrows from bows less than 30-pound draw weight may be shot into targets on either the youth or adult range.
  9. All used paper target faces and other trash shall be placed in a trash receptacle or removed from the range.
  10. Bows will only be drawn in such a manner as to prevent accidental or intentional loss of an arrow from rage property. Arrows will only be released into designated targets.
  11. All individuals standing on or utilizing the elevated platform must wear a full body harness and attach themselves to the appropriate safety carabiner. 

Do I need a license?

This range is made possible through revenues received from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses. Therefore, archers must possess a Hunting License, Fishing License or Wildlife Heritage License to shoot at this range. 

Where to purchase a license

  • Online at Outdoor Alabama
  • By phone at 888-848-6887
  • County Probate Offices
  • Sporting Goods Retailers
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