High Bill Solutions

Longer Billing Cycle

Some billing cycles are longer than others, which can account for a higher bill. Look at the “Service Period” on your bills to see if the current billing cycle was longer than average.

Unpaid Balance

Your bill may be higher if there is a balance due from a previous month. If you’ve missed a payment, consider setting your payment to automatically be sent from your bank account every month. There is no fee, and you will continue to receive your monthly bill. 

Appliance Problems

An appliance that is not running at peak performance can impact your utility bills. If you have old appliances that may be increasing your energy usage, you may want to consider a new model. Newer appliances offer more energy-efficiency and smart features for your convenience. 

Changes at Home

Behavioral changes like spending more time at home, using electronics and appliances more, and additional people in your home may have contributed to an increase in your energy usage. You can track your usage and stay on top of your energy using our Smart Hub.