Smart Grid

What is Smart Grid?

Opelika Power Services (OPS) is pleased to announce the innovation of "Smart Grid". This technology upgrade allows OPS to provide you with even better, more efficient power services.  The only change that you will see is that our reliability will only get better. We are excited to provide the City of Opelika with these technology advancements.

Smart Grid reads your power usage through fiber, which will allow us to get real-time data. If there is a power outage in an area, it is detected through the Smart Grid system. Our Outage Management System will allow us to know when and where an outage occurs as soon as it happens and how widespread it is.

What Can Smart Grid Do for Me?

  • Smart Grid can give you, the customer, data on your power usage. Much like your water meter outside, but viewable from any device!
  • Smart Grid gives the customer the ability to track and monitor their power usage.
  • Smart Grid lets us know if there is a power outage, so we can proactively dispatch crews to the problem.
  • Smart Grid makes everyone's lives so much easier! It helps us keep your power on!