Life Saving Equipment

LUCAS Device

Lucas DeviceThe City of Opelika Fire Department continuously upgrades its inventory of life-saving equipment; most notably the addition of four LUCAS Devices. These mechanical C.P.R. machines fulfill a critical need in our emergency medical responses, by providing consistent chest compressions at a precise rate and depth to maintain blood flow to a patient’s brain, heart, and other vital organs. The machines, once set to operate, allow our first responders the freedom to perform other life-saving interventions simultaneously.

A.E.D. Program

25E6316C-2E2B-4697-A23B-04836D225049Opelika Fire Department was instrumental in the development of the city-wide public access A.E.D. (Automated External Defibrillator) program. The City recently installed 114 A.E.D.s within our buildings and facilities, as well as in all police patrol vehicles. The program also includes device training and education for police officers and city employees. The LUCAS Devices and public access A.E.D. program are vital additions to our life-saving capabilities, and they highlight our continued efforts to improve the health outcomes for all our citizens and visitors.