Mission, Core Values & Vision

Mission Statement

To prevent the loss of life, to control or reduce the loss of property, and to protect the environment by utilizing our professional knowledge, training, and resources. We will accomplish this mission through fire suppression, rescue, code enforcement, public education, fire investigation, and professional development training. Our number one priority is to provide the best fire service to all of our city’s citizens and visitors.

Core Values 

Professionalism – Display expertise in application, appearance, attitude, and standards.

Integrity – Be honest, gracious, trustworthy, reliable, and fair.

Compassion – Demonstrate kindness and empathy in all we do.

Diversity – Be open-minded and responsive to the uniqueness of all members of our community.

Teamwork – Encourage unity, collaboration, and a cooperative attitude.

Health and Safety – Nurture personal and professional health and safety.


Operating to the highest standards will be reflected as we invest in our most valuable asset, our members. Through progressive workforce planning, training, and development initiatives, our staff will be well-prepared for the community demands of the future. We will demonstrate our commitment to addressing our community's expectations by enhancing our emergency medical program profile to further improve the quality and timeliness of patient care.

For our pursuit of excellence in community outreach and relations to be successful, we will strengthen understanding and autonomy with those who provide us with our purpose. The management of physical resources will focus on sustainability and growth, so that we can meet the mission for our citizens with fiscal responsibility. We will prove our commitment to continuous improvement and excellence through the pursuit and attainment of professional certifications, and through constant dedication to duty.

Dedicated to our community, we will always serve with integrity in accomplishing our goals, fulfilling our mission, living our values, and bringing our vision to fruition. We will embrace input, partnerships, and teamwork with all our diverse local assets, in order to enhance the experience of living in, or visiting the City of Opelika for all people.