Court Forgiveness Program

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Location: Municipal Court Building 300 MLK Boulevard

February 1 – March 31, 2022  •  Monday – Friday  •  8 a.m. – 7 p.m.

The City of Opelika is offering its first ever Court Forgiveness Program. The program provides an opportunity for those with certain municipal court charges to clear their cases without concern of being physically arrested. 

Court Forgiveness is offered to all individuals who have received traffic or parking tickets, failure to appear or pay fines, and for whom warrants have been issued or pending on these charges. Anyone wishing to take advantage of the program may do so by presenting themselves to the Municipal Court magistrates office. This is drop in only. No appointments required. Eligible individuals must bring at least one form of identification.


  • Only for individuals who have outstanding warrants for failing to pay traffic or parking fines or for failing to attend court on their assigned date are eligible for this program. 
  • Includes probation and Time To Pay (TTP) cases since these have been adjudicated. 
  • Only cases that have already been adjudicated by the court are eligible for forgiveness.
  • Can pay in full or pay any amount to qualify for payment plan. May do so with Cash, Visa or Mastercard. A service fee will apply. No Chime or CashApp Cards will be accepted. No personal checks or money orders will be accepted during the Forgiveness Program period. 
  • Restitution should be paid in full. Cash only. Credit cards may not be used to pay restitution.
  • No other person can come in and pay for the defendant. 
  • In lieu of fines and costs, there is an opportunity to do community service or educational program, Ready To Work, from approved list only; unless otherwise permitted by a judge. 
  • If individual does not fullfill payment plan, then court will reissue a warrant.
  • Individuals will not be eligible for forgiveness again if obligations are not met the first time.
  • If a defendant wants to speak to a judge, he/she will be placed on the next available docket.
  • Should any eligible individual with a warrant come into contact with law enforcement prior to taking advantage of this court forgiveness program, he/she is subject to immediate arrest. 
  • The Court Forgiveness program does not include new drug, alcohol, firearm and domestic violence cases.