Community Liaisons

In the fall of 2020, the Opelika Police Department launched TOGETHER, OPELIKA, a campaign geared to build trust and relationships between the citizens of Opelika and the Opelika Police Department. After a series of community meetings, we identified areas that were important to the citizens of Opelika and began developing a model that could be used to better serve the community. 

In 2021 the Ambassadors of Change Council, which consists of multiple organizations and community advocates, was formed as a way for everyone to come together to collaborate and coordinate their efforts to help affect change in our community. In order to implement these changes, nine liaisons from the community were selected to work with the Police Department liaison, Captain Tony Amerson. Each ward within the City of Opelika is represented. 

The liaisons play a vital role as part of Together, Opelika by:

  • Supporting and respecting the mission and values of the Opelika Police Department
  • Facilitating communication between residents and the Opelika Police Department
  • Supporting the activities of the Opelika Police Department and Ambassadors of Change 
  • Helping to bring the five wards of Opelika together as a whole community

If you are interested in getting involved, you can reach out to one of the liaisons listed below or attend the Ambassadors of Change Council meeting on the last Monday of every month from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM at the Opelika Public Library. These meetings are open to Opelika Citizens and Organizations interested in working with other community members to make the city the best it can be. 

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  1. Amerson, Tony

    Tony Amerson

    Captain of Community Relations/Special Services
    Phone: 334-705-5211

Meet your Liaisons

Bobbi Yeo Web

Bobbi Yeo

Chair & Ward 3 Liaison

Cell: (916) 549-9689

Email: [email protected]

Bobbi retired as the Executive Director from Paws Humane Society in Columbus, GA in 2019.  Since then, she has devoted her time to activities with her husband, dogs, church and community.

Why you became a liaison: 

I have lived in Ward 3 in Opelika for the past 10 years.  It is already a great place to live and I’m always looking for opportunities to get more involved.  I was inspired by the idea of Together Opelika and look forward to helping in any way I can.

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Dexter Hughley

Co-Chair & Ward 1 Liaison

Cell: (334) 444-5564

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Michael Carter

Ward 3 Liaison

Oscar Penn Web

Oscar Penn

Ward 2 Liaison

Parker Hamilton Web

Parker Hamilton

Ward 5 Liaison

Cell: (240) 401-9243

Parker moved to Opelika in 2017 where she first settled in Ward 2 before moving to Ward 5. She is retired from Montgomery County, Maryland where she was the Director of Public Libraries. Parker is active in many organizations including the Lee County NAACP, Lee County Remembrance Project, and the Museum of East Alabama.

Why you became a liaison: 

I watched with interest the rolling out of the Together Opelika Campaign and knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of the implementation. I am a public servant at heart.

Sherry Cook Web

Sherry Cook Welch

Ward 2 Liaison

Cell: (334) 332-6684

Susan Clark Web

Susan Clark

Ward 4 Liaison

Cell: (404) 271-7478

Email: [email protected]

Susan was born and raised in Opelika, and graduated from Opelika High School. She taught High School Economics and U.S. History in Georgia until she retired in 2010 after 30 years of service. In 2015 Susan returned to Opelika and settled into Ward 4. 

Why you became a liaison:

I wanted to be involved in my hometown through volunteering and participating in community activities. 

Val Penn Web

Valestine Penn

Ward 1 Liaison

Angela Johnson Web

Angela Johnson

Liaison At-Large

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Sherri Reese

Liaison At-Large

Slow Down Logo

Slow Down O Town

The Opelika Police Department Community Liaisons are conducting a survey regarding speeding on residential streets in Opelika. Please take a moment to complete this short online survey

You can also print a copy of the survey and drop it off at the Opelika Police Department located at 501 S. 10th Street, Opelika, AL 36801.