Good Housekeeping Training

Opelika Pollution Prevention and House Keeping Annual CM 5 Module Training

Opelika, like other Alabama cities has an “SOP”  or Standard Operating Procedures in place for all duties for those employed by Opelika. SAFETY is your number 1 Job. Somewhere on the list is OUR “Environmental House Keeping” duties. The next few pages will explain and make you aware of what this means. It requires 3 concepts.

  1. Recognize a problem or potential problem before it happens!
  2. Prevent an incident or spill from happening!
  3. Clean-up of the incident.

There are 350 city employees. 39% or 136 work in or around a desk. 61% or 214 work on poles, vehicles, construction sites, a lab, garage, manholes, traffic, power tools or noisy, heavy equipment. Duties are different but the theme is the same.

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