Dunk The Junk

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Trash pickup followed by Free Throw Competition and Slam Dunk Competitions

Litter continues to be a huge issue in Opelika. It’s sad to look around our city and see trash along the roadways, in parking lots and in our creeks. Litter is harmful to human health, safety, welfare and the environment. It can impact water quality and can be a fire hazard and attract rodents. It also has a negative effect on economic development. 

Our Don’t Be An Ope-Loser campaign and Slam Dunk The Junk event are efforts to raise awareness about litter. Soon, you will begin seeing brightly painted trash cans throughout the city with educational and fun messages about anti-littering. As a part of the campaign, we are asking that if you see trash on the ground, pick it up. It is a point of civic pride to keep Opelika clean and beautiful. Be part of the solution, not the problem. Only losers litter. Don’t be an Ope-Loser.

WHERE:       Covington Center

WHEN:         April 24, 2021

                     9 a.m.           Pick up supplies

                     9 - 11 a.m.    Litter/Trash pick up

                    11:30 a.m.     Return to Covington with trash and unused supplies

                    12 - 2  p.m.    Free Throw & Slam Dunk competitions

Register NOW to secure your spot in one of the competitions. 

Free Throw Competition Signup: This event will take place on the basketball courts outside at Covington Center. There will be a free throw competition for 5 age groups. Winner is best of 10. If a tiebreaker is needed, it will be best of 5. Prizes are as follows: Adult (age 19+ - $25 gift card); Youth (age 5-7 - $10 gift card); Youth (age 8-11 - $10 gift card); Youth (age 12-15 - $10 gift card); Teen (age 16-18 - $10 gift card)

Slam Dunk Competition: This event will take place on the indoor basketball court at Covington Center. There will be one slam dunk competition winner. Open to adults age 19+ only. Winner will receive an autographed AU basketball from Coach Bruce Pearl, as well as a $25 gift card. There will be two rounds. Rounds will be judged by OHS Girls Coach Devin Booth and former OHS players Jaylen Snipes and Kenneth Keith. 

Hotdog, Chips & Drink : Available for $5  (Proceeds go to Keep Opelika Beautiful.)






Rules for Free Throw and Dunk Competitions:

  • Parent or guardian must be present with children 18 and younger.
  • Check in to pick up supplies and sign up for trash pick-up location.
  • Participants must sign a Liability and COVID waiver. You can print and sign now if you want to bring it with you.  
    Liability Waiver and COVID Waiver
  • Must collect and return at least one bag of trash to participate.
  • Collected trash should be returned to Covington Rec Center in order to participate in the Free Throw or Slam Dunk competitions. Dumpster will be available.
  • Return any unused supplies.