Opelika Sewer Code

The following Adobe PDF files contain regulations within the Opelika Code pertaining to sewers and sewage disposal. The files are arranged by divisions within the code as outlined.

Division 1: Generally (PDF)

  • Definitions
  • Use of public sewers required
  • Private sewage disposal
  • Damaging, etc., sewers
  • Inspections and entry powers of inspectors
  • Violations

Division 2: Building Sewers and Connections (PDF)

  • Connection Permit
  • Connection costs and liability for same
  • Separate and independent building sewers required
  • Use of old building sewers
  • Size, slope, etc., of sewers; trenches, etc.
  • Elevation of building sewer and lifts
  • Connection of downspouts into public sewers
  • Connection of building sewer to public sewer
  • Inspections
  • Excavations
  • Tapping fees

Division 3: Harmful or Restricted Discharges (PDF)

  • Stormwater, groundwater, etc.
  • Items totally prohibited
  • Items restricted
  • Interceptors
  • Preliminary treatment or flow-equalizing facilities
  • Control manhole
  • Measurements and tests
  • Special agreements
  • Sewage from septic tanks and portable toilets; charges

Division 4: Rates and Charges (PDF)

  • Implementation of service charges
  • Deposits, delinquency fees, etc.
  • Collection and billing procedures
  • Procedure for refund of sewer charges

Division 5: Waste Water Collection and Treatment

  • Subdivision 1: Generally (PDF)
    • General Provisions
    • Definitions
    • Abbreviations
    • Charges and Fees for Recovery of Costs
    • Penalty; costs
  • Subdivision 2: Waste Water Contribution Regulations (PDF)
    • General discharge prohibitions
    • Federal categorical pretreatment standards
    • Modifications of federal categorical pretreatment standards
    • Pollutant limitations
    • State requirements
    • City's right of revision
    • Excessive discharge
    • Accidental discharges
  • Subdivision 3: Administration and Enforcement (PDF)
    • Superintendent of sewage works to administer, implement and enforce division provisions
    • Industrial waste water discharge permits
    • Reporting requirements for permittee
    • Monitoring facilities
    • Inspections and sampling
    • Damaging equipment
    • Industrial pretreatment
    • Confidential information
    • Harmful contributions
    • Revocation of discharge permit
    • Violations of this section
    • Notification of violation
    • Show cause hearing
    • Legal action