Patrol Division

The Uniform Division IS the driving force of the Opelika Police Department. Uniform Officers will provide ethical, professional proactive police service to all citizens and visitors of the City of Opelika while fairly and equally enforcing all State Laws and City Ordinances. They will maintain impeccable ethical standards and courtesy in their daily contacts with the people they protect. Officers will act mature and confident in their decision making while solving problems quickly and clearly communicating their decisions while maintaining the integrity due their position. Officers will respect each other and always work as a team to overcome the challenges presented them no matter how daunting. Uniform Officers will remain strongly dedicated and loyal to the Division and Department while always remembering…WE ARE- Opelika Police!

Patrol Unit

The Patrol Unit is the largest division of the Opelika Police Department. They are responsible for responding to service calls, making arrests, resolving disputes, taking reports, traffic enforcement and other crime prevention measures.


K-9 Unit

Our K9 Unit is one of the top 10 in the state. Our dogs are utilized by several local agencies and perform all K9 functions. Their duties include searching for drugs & explosives, locating missing people, finding crime scene evidence and apprehending suspects. 


Traffic Homicide Investigation Unit

THI is responsible for investigating all traffic related fatalities and serious traffic crashes. They are trained in accident reconstruction and use state of the art technology for crash scene mapping. 


Our SWAT Team is a highly trained, skilled and well-equipped resource to utilize in the handling of critical incidents or special situations when a tactical response is necessary. Together with the Auburn Police Department and the Lee County Sherriff’s office they have combined to form the “Lee County SWAT Team.”