Bike and Pedestrian Plan Information

Copy of Opelika Bike Plan Public Meeting

For the City of Opelika, creating a bike-able and walkable community is a priority and this plan establishes the guidance the city desires to implement accommodations appropriately and effectively for non-motorized transportation users. This plan provides an actual implementable guide that includes key routes and connections to bicycle and pedestrian generators and destinations throughout the City of Opelika and prioritizes the installation of those proposed bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.

We would like your comments regarding the establishment of this plan. If you were unable to make it to the public meeting on August 27, you can watch a recap of the meeting on city's YouTube channel. 

Below is the presentation from Sain Associates and a comment form. In addition, there is a survey for you to take. Please participate. We need your feedback. Thank you.

Bike and Pedestrian Plan Presentation - August 27

Bike and Pedestrian Comment Form

Bike and Pedestrian Plan Survey