Solid Waste Disposal Authority

Meets:  As needed at location TBD.

Time:  As set.

Length of Term:  4 years.

Appointed by:  City Council.

Required / Purpose: The purpose of the Solid Waste Disposal Authority is to acquire, construct, own, lease, operate or enter into contracts for the operation of solid waste disposal facilities and resource facilities.  The Authority has been inactive for more than 30 years. At one time, the Authority operated the City’s landfill in the Beauregard community. This facility closed when the City contracted with the Salem landfill for solid waste disposal.  The Authority also investigated the feasibility of constructing a combustion facility where the waste is burned, and the heat released from burning is used to convert waste to steam which produces electricity. The Authority determined that the construction of a waste to energy facility was not economically feasible at the time.

Solid Waste Disposal Authority Members