Business License Instructions

General Information

The Business License Application is used to apply for sales or services done inside the city limits of Opelika. Please be advised that licenses are location specific. This application can be used to register only for a City of Opelika business license and an occupational license account. If applicable, businesses must register for sales, rental taxes and lodging taxes with Avenu Insights and Analytics.

For business license(s) to be approved for location(s) inside the city limits of Opelika, a workflow is put in place for departments to approve. Please note that it is the owner’s responsibility to assure that each department has a good contact phone number and email for contact if questions or inspections are required. If for any reason the business fails an inspection(s), the owner must contact the appropriate department when the issues have been corrected.

  • Planning Department 334-705-5167
  • Public Works 334-705-5400
  • Building Inspection 334-705-5420
  • Fire Inspection 334-705-5305

Note that certain businesses are required to provide additional permits and licenses. Registration for business license using this application will not be complete until full approval and the receipt of all business license fees at City of Opelika Revenue Department.

A standard business license expires at the end of a calendar year and must be renewed by February 15 of the upcoming year. If contact by writing, email or fax has not been made by this date to the revenue department to inactivate or renew, penalty and interest accrues monthly. Also, it is important that you notify the City of Opelika Department of Revenue if:

The business ownership changes in any manner including:

  • selling or closing of the business,
  • adding or changing partners,
  • any transfer or change in the ownership of the business,
  • any change in corporate structure requiring a new charter or certificate of authority; or
  • the business location changes, or there is a change to your business classification.

Please be sure to refer to for the City of Opelika business license ordinance.

Occupational Taxes:

The City of Opelika has a city tax of 1 ½ percent of all wages for any person who works within the city limits of Opelika to be paid. Businesses that provide a W-2 to their employees are required to report a quarterly return form, remit payment and a year-end reconciliation form to the City of Opelika Revenue department by the corresponding due date. For businesses that have 1099 workers (ex. subcontractors), owners must provide the name, address and phone number of all 1099 individuals. Be sure to make the 1099 workers aware that they, in fact, must obtain a City of Opelika business license as well in order to conduct business within the city limits. Owners, failure to provide the requested information, will make the 1 ½ percent of all workers’ wages inside the city limits your responsibility. The quarterly return form and year end reconciliation form can be found at

Should there be any questions, please feel free to contact the Revenue department at 334-705-5160.

Helpful Information:

Business owners may need to obtain county/state business licenses, establish a tax account, or to comply with other requirements. Listed below, for your convenience, are agencies that can assist you with the above:

Avenu Insights and Analytics
600 Beacon Parkway West Suite 900
Birmingham, AL 35209
(800) 556-7274

Probate Judge's Office
Lee County Courthouse
215 South Ninth Street
Opelika, AL 36801
Tel (334) 737-3670
Fax (334) 705-5082

Internal Revenue Service
Montgomery, AL
(334) 264-2453