Residential Building Permit Process

Application Procedures for Residential Building Permits

  • The Owner / Developer shall submit one complete set of plans to include: foundation, floor plan, electrical, plumbing, mechanical drawings and Rescheck.
  • The permit request is then generated in our computer program to the appropriate departments for approval.
  • Plans will be reviewed by the Building Inspector for approval.
  • The Owner / Contractor is responsible for all sewer, water and power application.
  • The Owner Contractor is responsible for construction power during construction.
  • If structure is on a septic tank, the owner / contractor is responsible for giving Building Inspections a copy of the septic tank certificate issued by the Health Department.

Residential Permitting Procedure

  • All house plan need to reflect heated square feet, covered porches and garages square feet. Permit fees are based on this information.
  • The Owner / Contractor shall submit contract costs, excluding property.
  • Approval time is 3-4 business days.
  • Once all departments approve, the permit fees are collected.
  • Permit is written. NOTE: Sewer assessment fees must be paid before a permit will be issued.
  • The permit job site poster is filled out and required to be posted at the jobsite. No inspections will be done if poster is not posted.

Inspection Requests

  • The Owner / Contractor is responsible for calling for all inspection. Inspection requests can also be emailed.
  • Electrical, Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors must call for their own permits.
  • When the Owner / Contractor calls for an inspection, an inspection request is generated and given to the proper inspector.
  • Inspectors go to the job. If inspection does not pass, the inspector will leave a red tag with the problems to be corrected. If the inspection passes, a green tag will be issued.
  • If there is a red tag issued, the inspector will retain the request until the Owner / Contractor calls for re-inspection.
    NOTE: If the inspector has to leave a red tag for the same inspection more than once, there will be a re-inspection fee of $25 collected before any further inspections are performed. After a third red tag, the inspection fees is $100.
  • If there is a green tag issued, the inspector will sign off on the ticket. The ticket will be signed and dated by the inspector, and posted in the office for further reference.

Request for Certificate of Occupancy

  • The Owner / Contractor must call for final inspection. Upon approval of the final inspection, the inspector will request that a certificate of occupancy be written.
  • If the final inspection does not pass, the Owner / Contractor will be notified of the necessary corrections required, to receive the Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Upon approval, the Certificate of Occupancy will be written and the Owner / Contractor can pick it up at the Building Inspection Department at the Public Works Facilities located at 700 Fox Trail.

Request for Letter of Completion

A Letter of Completion is provided when a renovation and/or addition is permitted, and ALL inspections have been made and the renovation is in compliance with 2015 International Building Code.

Building Permit Application