Commercial Building Permit Process

Application Procedures for Commercial Building Permits

  • The Owner / Developer / Architect submits two (2) complete sets of plans and a PDF to include: site plan, foundation plan, floor plan, electrical, plumbing, mechanical plans and Comcheck. Sprinkler plans will also need to be submitted, if it applies.
  • Site plans are to the Planning Department. A Fire Inspector will also be notified to review the plans for Fire Codes.
  • Each Department will review the plans. Approvals will be submitted to the Building Inspection Department.
  • If there are any corrections to be made, the Architect will be notified by an Inspector to make changes and re-submit plans for review.

Procedure for Commercial Permit

  • The permit application check list must be completed.
  • The Owner / Developer will be asked to submit complete contract costs. NOTE: If the contract cost exceeds $250,000.00, there will be a plan review fee collected.
  • Permit fees are collected and the Permit is issued. NOTE: Sewer assessment fees must be paid before a permit will be issued.
  • Permit jobsite poster must be posted at the jobsite for inspections.
  • The Contractors' signatures are required in receipt of all paperwork.
  • The Contractor and Subcontractors will receive a copy of their permit.

Inspection Requests

  • The Owner / Contractor is responsible for calling for their inspections requests.
  • Electrical, plumbing and mechanical contractors must call for their own inspections.
  • The Owner / Contractor can email or call for an inspection. The inspection request is generated and given to the proper inspector.
  • The Inspector will go to the job site. If inspection does not pass, the inspector will issue a red tag with a list of the problems that need correcting. If there is a red tag issued, the inspector will retain the request until the Owner / Contractor calls for re-inspection.
    NOTE: If the inspector has to leave a red tag for the same inspection more than once, there will be a re-inspection fee of $25 is collected before any further inspections are performed. After a third red tag, the inspection fees is $100.
  • If there is a green tag issued, the inspector will sign off on the ticket. The ticket will be signed and dated by the inspector.

Request for Certificate of Occupancy

  • The Owner / Contractor must call for final inspection.
  • Upon approval of the final inspection, the inspector will request that a certificate of occupancy be written.
  • If the final inspection does not pass, the Owner / Contractor will be notified of the necessary corrections required, to receive the Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Upon approval, the Certificate of Occupancy will be written, and the Owner / Contractor can pick it up at the Building Inspection Department at the Public Works Facilities located at 700 Fox Trail.

Request for Letter of Completion

  • A Letter of Completion is provided when a renovation and/or addition is permitted, and ALL inspections have been made and the renovation is in compliance with 2015 International Building Code.

Building Permit Application