Our Brand Story

A big thank you to the Opelika City Schools, Tracy Tidwell and his Photography and Editing class for putting together this amazing video! We appreciate you and your work. 

More than expected. Nothing less than genuine.

Opelika. A town that endears itself to you. Charming and gracious, the people here are passionate about preserving Opelika’s unique history and building on it as the foundation for growth. It’s where our established leaders meet today’s movers and shakers; out of that, a little piece of magic is born.

Opelika’s prosperity was once based on the railroads and bolstered by our mill and manufacturing industries. This helped foster a culture where work ethic is still respected, and tradition is honored. This prosperity built parks, funded schools and supported our athletic teams. It allowed the development of amenities other towns our size simply didn’t have, like excellent healthcare facilities and city recreation programs. We attracted managers, professionals and a work force woven together like the very fabric we once produced. Our history is full of shared experiences and fond memories that are being passed down from generation to generation.

Today, our city is a destination for those who treasure history, dream of easy living and crave authentic entertainment venues and unique food experiences. Landmarks such as our historic Lee County Courthouse draw tourists near and far. And our railroad and the whistle of the train signal to locals that they are home. The tracks that travel through Opelika’s Historic Downtown have become a lively, bustling place for our diverse community to gather. It’s home to entrepreneurs and their thriving businesses. Restaurants, a brewery, a distillery, stylish boutiques and others proudly source local goods to craft their offerings. Our downtown space is a true destination – a culture in itself.

We enjoy the things we do together like our Victorian Christmas, Garden in the Park, the Azalea Trails and spending time at the baseball fields. Our cozy, laid-back atmosphere is full of friendly hellos and neighbors who know each other well. And, it doesn’t take long for newcomers to feel welcome. A true sense of community. That’s Opelika.

The city of Opelika also looks to the future. Our state-of-the-art school system prepares our children for work in a competitive global society.  The city boasts amenities for large events and  is a prime location for business startups as well as established industries looking to expand.

Opelika’s Tiger Town, the Opelika Sportsplex and Aquatics Center and RTJ Grand National Golf Course are just a portion of the evidence of a city on the rise. We’re home to industry that’s one-of-a-kind, and we’re prepared for further development in the years to come. 

Opelika is full of surprises. Of course, we always want to remain authentic. We only want to be Opelika. We will stay true to who we are, where we come from and pay tribute to our history. Opelika will continue to grow and transform. And, we will do it together with a spirit of inclusiveness and respect for all who call Opelika home.

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