Public Facilities and Services

Public Facilities Improvements

CDBG funded Public Facilities and Improvements can be an important part of a community development strategy. The CDBG program identifies publicly-owned facilities and infrastructure such as, streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, parks and playgrounds, water and sewer lines, flood and drainage improvements, parking lots and underground utilities. Also identified are aesthetic amenities on public property such as trees, sculptures, pools of water and fountains, and other works or art, and buildings owned by non-profits that are open to the general public.

Eligible activities include: acquisition, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and installation. Also included is the removal of barriers that restrict the mobility and accessibility of elderly or severely disabled persons to public facilities and improvements.

The City of Opelika has participated in the following public facility improvements:

  • Darden Head Start
  • Sidewalk Construction and Reconstruction on Jeter Avenue, Auburn St, and Other Locations
  • Street Resurfacing on Martin Luther King Boulevard, Geneva Street and Other Locations
  • Storm Water Handling Improvements to Avenue A and Avenue B
  • Air Conditioning for the Covington Recreation Center

Public Service Activities

Public services are an integral part of a comprehensive community development strategy. They can address a range of individual needs and can increase the impact of CDBG dollars by complementing other activities. Public services can strengthen communities by addressing the needs of specific populations and by supporting economic development.

The CDBG regulations allow the use of grant funds for a wide range of public service activities, including, but not limited to:  child care, health care, job training, recreation programs and education programs.

The City of Opelika has contributed to the following public services:

  • East Alabama Food Bank-Community Market
  • Trinity United Methodist Church-We Care Utility Assistance program
  • Child Advocacy Center of East Alabama 
  • ACHR Utility Assistance program
  • Domestic Violence Intervention Center
  • PCM Emergency Utility Assistance
  • Greater Peace K-4 Program
  • Unity Wellness Center


  • J. W Darden House
  • Huskey House
  • Opelika Main Street Façade Grant Program