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From time to time, the Storm Water Team post updates and news to this page. You should visit frequently.

med waste_490x355
YOU/ we all have responsibility for Opelika stream health. The STREAM TEAM discovered this medical waste in a stream this month. (1-2018)

It did NOT come from EAMC!  Opelika citizens MUST become more educated
on trash issues. We live here. What can we do? 
A STREAM TEAM of 2 to 5 persons walk local streams and tribs each winter looking for water quality issues and spills. We had 2 guest for our January 2018 hike.
Case O'Dell and Tipi Miller. 2 serious site were found and repaired.

You have an open invitation for February. 
Stream Team 2018 _472x354


GUIDELINES for draining your swimming pool:
Swimming Pool Discharge _618x800_618x800
A reminder when you wash your car, auto chemicals and phosphates from soaps impact our streams.
opelika HUC
An aerial photo showing the 5 watersheds Opelika’s stormwater impacts. Which one do you impact?