Updates And News

December 2020

Rainfall for 2020 hit a record of 74.8 inches. Normal is 54”. Note the ereosion shown in this new subdivision drainage ditch!

new construction 2020

Start 2021 with a NEW Opelika goal; Putting trash in its place, NOT on the road side!

trash on road 2021

August 2020

Cooking oil and pollution found on street. 

Aug pix

July 2020

Opelika Stormwater Staff is working with Barrett-Simpson Inc. in aerial drone mapping of drainage areas.

Lidar tracking map

June 2020

This 3-pound turtle was saved while crossing Society Hills Road and place into a retention pond close by.  Joel said it put up a fight!

June Turtle Found on the Side of the creek

Stormwater Videos

Please watch our water quality video.

Guidelines for Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Discharge_new