Updates And News - March 2019

Stormwater Videos

Please watch our water quality video.

Environmental Fair and Pet Waste Station Installation

The Pepperell Branch Watershed Partnership recently had a big weekend in Opelika. Most recently, the group hosted an Environmental Fair and installed Pet Waste Stations around town. 



Summer time is a great time for large gatherings and a treat can be a “fish fry”.  After the event, this means left over or used cooking oil. What do we do to dispose of used or even rancid cooking oil?

Pouring this oil back into the container and taking to the Opelika Recycle Center on Jeter Avenue is the best course of action. Recently, we found cooking oil poured down a storm drain.  The next heavy rain this was washed into local streams and harms many types of wildlife.  Consider: If you won’t pour it on your lawn, don’t pour it down a storm pipe.

Curb Inlet

Photo 7/2018

A second myth is pouring used cooking oil down the sink or toilet.  Once it cools the oil causes a sanitary sewer clog. The grease clog grows larger then backs up the major sewage network.  Manholes above the clog over-flows with sewage dumping very harmful bacteria into live streams. See picture below. Recycle your used cooking oil or dispose of in a correct manner.  NEVER pour any oil down any drain.

Man HolePhoto 7/2018

Guidelines for Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Discharge_new