Parks & Recreation Board


  • 2nd Tuesday of every month

This meeting is open to the public. To reach the park board or present an agenda item, please email Sam Bailey.


Russell L. Melnick, Chairman

Photo of Russell L. Melnick
  • Date Appointed: 03/06/18
  • Date Term Expires: 03/15/21

Vanessa Darden

Photo of Vanessa Darden
  • Date Appointed: 11/16/16
  • Date Term Expires: 03/15/22

Tony Hoyett

Photo of Tony Hoyett
  • Date Appointed: 03/07/17
  • Date Term Expires: 03/05/22

Shirley Lazenby

Photo of Shirley Lazenby
  • Date Appointed: 03/04/14
  • Date Term Expires: 03/15/19

Jasper Snipes

Photo of Jasper Snipes
  • Date Appointed: 03/16/16
  • Date Term Expires: 03/15/21