Invoices & Payments

Submitting Invoices

To ensure that vendor invoices are paid in a timely manner, it is important that the description of the items and the prices match the Purchase Order / Contract. The invoice must contain the Purchase Order and / or Payment Voucher number. The invoice(s) should be forwarded to the "bill to address" as indicated on the Purchase Order. Contact the Accounting Department if payments are not received in the desired time.

Partial Shipment

A Purchase Order / Contract may allow for a partial shipment to be delivered and paid for as items are received. Once the using department has accepted goods and / or services it is the responsibility of the City to pay for items that have been obtained.

Discrepancies between billing amounts and Purchase order amounts should be addressed with the Purchasing Department.

Payment Discounts

Cash discounts for prompt payments will not be considered in evaluation of bids unless otherwise stated in the Request for Bid (RFB) or Request for Proposal (RFP). The discount time will not begin until the City of Opelika receives all of the commodities or services. If testing is required, the discount time will begin upon completion of the testing.

Tax Responsibility

All City of Opelika departments are exempt from paying state sales tax.