Purchase Order

Vendors are not to ship merchandise nor perform services without a purchase order issued by the Purchasing department via fax, U.S. mail or phone. Purchase order numbers need to appear on all shipments, delivery slips and invoices. All orders are to be shipped F.O.B. to the indicated delivery point unless otherwise specified.

Binding Agreement

The information reprinted, written and / or typed on the front of the purchase order is a binding agreement / contract between the City of Opelika and the providing vendor. Any discrepancies or disagreements need to be addressed in writing immediately to the Purchasing department. If no response is submitted, we will presume that the vendor is in agreement with the specified terms and will meet the obligations as indicated on the purchase order.


Items must be delivered by the delivery date that has been agreed upon at the time the order was placed. The Purchasing function is not complete until all items have been delivered in satisfactory condition. When necessary, follow-up action will be taken. A vendor must supply products and / or services according to the solicitation and award. Failure to comply accordingly within the stated time could result in contract cancellation. The Vendor could be responsible for any changes and therefore ineligible to participate in a rebid.


As a matter of good purchasing practice, we periodically evaluate all vendors on a basis of actual performance compared to promised delivery date, ability to meet our rush requirements, unauthorized split shipments, number of rejects due to poor quality and adherence to purchase order price. Subsequent buying decisions are strongly influenced by this evaluation. Unsatisfactory service, unethical or illegal conduct ratings may result in removal from our authorized vendor list.

After notice to the Vendor and the opportunity for a meeting with the City of Opelika Purchasing Agent, the Vendor may be barred from receiving and submitting bids / proposals and from award of the City of Opelika procurements.