Purchase Orders

Written Notification

One of the final steps in the procurement process is the issuance of a purchase order or contract. This is accomplished by written notification to the lowest responsible bidder/proposer who meets the requirements and criteria in the Request for Bid (RFB) or Request for Proposal (RFP).

Legal Document

An official purchase order is a legal document which, when accepted by receipt and subsequent action, binds the identified vendor to provide the product or services referenced. Purchase orders generally reference an official bid/proposal and the individual responsible for the submission of such.

In addition to the description of the item or service required, quantity and pricing, purchase orders identify the using department of the City of Opelika, a Purchasing Officer, delivery location and directions for submittal of invoicing.

Written Contracts

Occasionally, written contracts are issued as requested by a vendor, or due to extensive instructions and conditions which can not be stated in the limited space of a purchase order. In such cases, the City of Opelika will make every effort to request sample contract language in advance for review.