Mistakes in Bids & Proposals


Mistakes in response to bids / proposals, actual or alleged, are not uncommon and can present serious problems. The general rule is that no change or corrections will be permitted which would prejudice the interest of the public or would be unfair to other vendors. For this reason, remedies for mistakes in responses to bids / proposals become less available as the procurement process moves forward.

Prior to Opening or Closing

Prior to RFB / RFP opening / closing, a vendor may correct a mistake or withdraw the bid / proposal by submitting an amendment to their response or by submitting a written request that their response be withdrawn. A multiplication error may be corrected in the extension of a price so that the unit price provided prevails. Where a mistake or omission is not evident in a response and a vendor points out an error with clear and objective evidence prior to award, it is in order to allow the response to be withdrawn but not corrected.

Common Errors

Common mistakes made by vendors include:

  • Altering the terms and conditions of a solicitation.
  • Failure to contact the Purchasing Department with questions or concerns regarding a solicitation.
  • Failure to keep solicitation mailing addresses current.
  • Failure to provide the required technical or descriptive documentation.
  • Failure to submit a response to a RFB / RFP prior to the opening date and time specified on the document.