Evaluating Requests for Proposal (RFP)

Project or Service

Use of the Request for Proposal (RFP) indicates the City of Opelika's interest in soliciting solutions for a project, service, or technical project. It differs from a Request for Bid in that the City is seeking a solution, not a bid, meeting firm specifications for the lowest price. As such, the lowest price proposed will not guarantee an award recommendation. 

Proposal Evaluation

Competitive Sealed Proposals are evaluated based upon criteria formulated around the most important features of a product or service, of which quality, testing, reference, availability or capability, may be overriding factors, and price may not be determinative in the issuance of a contact or award. 

The proposal evaluation criteria should be viewed as standards which measure how well a vendor's approach meets the desire requirements and needs of the City of Opelika. Those criteria that will be used and considered in evaluation for award are set forth in the RFP. The City of Opelika will thoroughly review all proposals received.

Pre-Proposal Conference

The City of Opelika will also utilize its best judgment when determining whether to schedule a pre-proposal conference (before proposals are accepted) or meetings with vendors after receiving proposals. The award of competitive sealed proposals will be determined by the Purchasing Office with the assistance from representatives of the department / division normally using the product or service. 

Proposed base pricing may be disclosed at a public meeting to receive and file responses of solicitations. A Purchase Order/Contract will be awarded to a qualified vendor submitting the best proposal.

Best Interest of City

The Purchasing Officer reserves the right to discuss any or all parts of the RFP with proposers, request written clarification of proposal information, or best and final offers when in the best interest of the City of Opelika.