DesignAlabama Journal Industrial Park

DesignAlabama Journal Highlights Opelika Industrial Park

DesignAlabama's Spring/Summer 2003 Journal featured the article, "Designing for Industry," by Philip Morris. In the article, Morris discusses the movement among industrial sites across Alabama to incorporate design - architecture, planning, landscape and graphics - in all parts of the process.

According to Morris, "The level of opportunity and competition is changing, and more and more cities and counties, often their industrial authorities, are bringing designers into the creation of industrial parks...Designing for industry has become, for many, part of an overall quality-of-life case made in attracting jobs and investment."

The survey of examples across Alabama includes the Northeast Opelika Industrial Park. Morris cites the Opelika Industrial Development Authority's insistence on good planning, attractive landscaping and signage, in addition to the creation of covenants to assure that each site is developed with the same high standards.

DesignAlabama. Volume XIII, Issue 1