How Vendors provide Bids / Proposals

Preparing & Submitting

A vendor should do the following in preparing and submitting a bid / proposal document to the City of Opelika Purchasing Department.

  1. Thoroughly read and understand the RFB / RFP documents, including all specifications, terms and conditions. A vendor should contact the purchasing officer whose name appears on the solicitation documents for clarification of any information within the document
  2. Bids / Proposals for alternate products may be submitted, but are expected to meet or exceed the desired specifications.
  3. Note any substitutes to the requested specifications either on the documents or in a letter of explanation accompanying their bid / proposal.
  4. Indicate the price in the proper areas of the solicitation (in ink) for the unit size requested. Reconcile itemized prices with a total bid / proposal price.
  5. Corrections, erasures, and clarifications of pricing must be made in ink and initialed by the vendor.
  6. Indicate delivery terms and shipment information. If an extended period is inserted instead of a single shipping date, the City of Opelika will consider the latest date with the period in determining whether or not the bid / proposal is responsive, in the event delivery is to be a determinant factor in the award.
  7. An officer or authorized agent of the Vendor must sign the bid / proposal to be considered for award.
  8. Include literature which will help the City of Opelika determine whether the bid / proposal meets specifications unless the solicitation indicates literature is not required.
  9. Submit the bid / proposal by the stated date and time, and follow submission and mailing instructions accompanying the RFB / RFP. The response must be time stamped into the Purchasing Department prior to the time and date indicated in the RFB / RFP document.