Procurement Methods

Soliciting Prices

The Purchasing Department solicits prices for items or services - above a policy threshold amount - through either a RFB/RFP. These requests are based on specifications approved by the Purchasing officer and written with the intent of ensuring competition among vendors.


The RFB/RFP includes a detailed description of the commodity and/or service the City of Opelika desires to purchase. This description may include brand names. Vendors may bid/propose an alternate as long as it is the same in quality, design and performance. Descriptive literature must be included with the response.


The vendor is responsible for demonstrating that alternate items meet the specifications. The decision of whether to accept an alternate rests solely with the City of Opelika. All items which are bid/proposed must be new and of the latest edition, version, model or manufacturer unless otherwise specified in the document. If a model number is not the current model, state the current model noting the change. Queries concerning specifications should be brought to the attention of the purchasing officer as soon as possible so any valid issues can be addressed.


Verbal conversations with purchasing officers or the requesting department are undocumented communications and do not waive or modify the requirements of a solicitation. The Purchasing officer will review all inquiries and, if a modification to the RFB/RFP is appropriate, will issue an addendum to all the vendors to whom the solicitation documents have been sent and will be posted on our website.