Doing Business with the City of Opelika

As a local government, the city of Opelika encourages competition among potential vendors in order to obtain quality goods and services at the best prices available and to maximize the purchasing value of public funds.

Vendor Registration

Our goal is to make doing business with us as easy and convenient as possible. Vendors are asked to fill out a Vendor Application Form (PDF) and return it to our Purchasing Department. Registration is required to ensure vendors are aware of the most current and upcoming opportunities. Please email any questions to the City of Opelika Purchasing Department or call at 334-705-5120.

The Purchasing department has a new option for vendors to view their information, such as purchase orders, invoices, checks and bids. The website domain is https://ss.opelika-al.gov/VSS. From there you will select Vendor Self Service on the left side and follow the directions.

Note: These forms may be completed online and electronically transmitted to the Purchasing Department. You may also send a request for a "vendor application" to be sent to you. Once completed and returned, you may either be sent a RFB/RFP or be called and asked to provide a quotation whenever a department makes a purchasing request for a product or service falling under your commodity code(s).

Our Mission

The mission of the Purchasing Department is the procurement of supplies, equipment and materials used by the City of Opelika, consistent with high quality, timely delivery and the economy. The department assists in the development of standards and specifications, reviews catalogs and other informational literature to discover sources of improved equipment and to promote the standardization of supplies and equipment. 


The department is also responsible for the proper maintenance of records and to ensure compliance with State Laws, City Ordinances and policies as they pertain to purchases made by the City and has charge of general storerooms and warehouses.

 In addition, Purchasing transfers between offices or sells through surplus, obsolete or unused supplies, materials and equipment, and performs other duties required by the Mayor or by resolution or ordinance by the Council.