Monuments, Mausoleums & Markers

1. All monuments and headstones are to be leveled and line up with others in the cemetery in accordance with drawings and measurements furnished by the Cemetery Superintendent.

2. All monuments, markers, and mausoleums must be of recognized quality granite, marble, or bronze finished in a workmanlike manner and must be accepted by the Cemetery Superintendent before being taken into the cemetery.

3. All mausoleums, markers, and monuments (as individually restricted in each section) shall be made of marble, granite, or bronze and set on a base of concrete below the surface of the ground. No foundation will be built higher than one inch below the lowest point of the surface of the ground.

4. No monuments, markers, or mausoleums are to be set on Saturdays, Sundays, or legal holidays, unless special permission in writing is obtained from the Cemetery Superintendent.

5. No monument die shall be less than six (6) inches thick and not less than two (2) feet in height and not less than two (2) feet long. No monument base shall exceed thirty (30) inches in width and not less than two (2) feet, four (4) inches in length, nor less than six (6) inches above the ground surface. No monument shall exceed five (5) feet in overall height or more than 75% of overall length, whichever is less.

6. No monument shall occupy more than 60% of the width of the lot.

7. No cement or artificial stone will be permitted in the cemetery above the surface of the ground.

8. Only one monument is permitted on each lot and one marker on each burial.

9. All markers shall be set flush with ground level.

10. Lettering on stone markers shall be recessed into the surface of the stone. Letters on bronze markers may be raised but the City of Opelika will not be responsible for letters that may be defaced or knocked loose.

11. Stone slabs will not be permitted either erect or reclining.

12. All monuments shall be double faced with name and design on front side of monument and name on backside of monument.

13. All mausoleums, monuments, and markers shall be centered on the concrete foundation.

14. All markers, stone or bronze, shall be not less than twenty-four (24) inches long, nor less than twelve (12) inches wide.

15. All monument dealers or agents shall be responsible for damage to property while they are in the act of doing work in the cemetery. All material used for doing work shall be cleared away when work is completed.

16. All monument dealers or agents, when doing work in the cemetery, shall provide the Cemetery Superintendent with the numbers and expiration date of their city license. This information, together with the name and address of the concern, the type of monument or marker, the name thereon, and the lot numbers on which it is erected shall be recorded.

17. A $200.00 sitting fee is required by all monument dealers or agents who do work in the City of Opelika Cemeteries. The fee is paid at the cemetery office building at the time of scheduled date for the marker(s) or monument(s) to be installed. Monument dealers or agents are expected to call and schedule the date and time for the installation of work to be done, for approval of monument.

18. Displaying flags of any kind or origin are prohibited. Veterans are honored with the American Flag on the grave three times yearly: Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day. 

19. The City of Opelika will use all necessary precautions in maintaining the cemetery, but the City of Opelika will not be held liable for scratches or other marks on monuments or grave markers which might occur through normal maintenance of the lot.