Lots - Graves

1. No lot enclosures, lights or fluorescent devises permitted except as permitted on estate lots.
2. No iron, wirework, or seats will be allowed upon lots except by permission of the cemetery Superintendent; when any article made of iron begins to rust, it shall be removed from the cemetery. Glass containers and breakable objects are not permitted on a cemetery plot.
3. No “For Sale” signs or signs of any kind allowed on lots in the cemetery.
4. The City of Opelika requires its endorsement on all transfers of lot ownership. A complete record of transfer must be made at City Hall for which a reasonable fee will be charged.
5. All lots will be maintained by the cemetery. No outside workmen or gardeners will be permitted to work in the cemetery. Flowers should be placed on the headstone or in a cemetery approved receptacle near the headstone or foot marker. Flags of any origin are prohibited.
6. Only one flower arrangement per grave lot is allowed unless the monument provides its own flower receptacles. Flower receptacles of any other kind (glass, wood, plastic, tin, cement) are prohibited. Two trinkets or whatnots per lot are permitted if placed on the base of the monument. Flowerpots and other items on the lawn will be removed from the grass immediately. Funeral flowers will be removed on the Friday after the fifth day of interment. Dead or unsightly flower arrangements will be removed.
7. Only one vault interment is permitted in each grave space.
8. No planting of flowers, shrubs or herbage of any kind is permitted on plots in the cemetery.
9. No interment will be permitted in a grave space that has not been fully paid for.
10. No burial will be permitted on a lot unless an interment order has been signed by the proper authorities.
11. No disinterment will be allowed until law gives proper authority and all charges have been paid in full.
12. Personal expressions (trinkets, balloons, photos or stuffed animals) to loved ones may be placed at the gravesite to mark the anniversary of the birthday or date of death of the person interned at such grave spaces. All such items of personal expressions must be removed the day following such anniversary. Items not removed within said period of time will be removed by the cemetery staff if they are not claimed or picked up.
13. All lots as platted in Garden Hills Cemetery and Evergreen Cemetery are for below ground interment, except that above ground level interments are permitted in approved mausoleums on Estate lots in Garden Hills Cemetery. Mausoleums and other forms of above ground level burial vaults are prohibited, except that approved mausoleums are permitted on Estate lots. Grave mounds shall not be allowed, and no burial lot shall be raised above the established grade. Grave slab ledgers are not permitted. The restrictions contained in this section 13 do not apply to Rosemere Cemetery.