General Rules

1. The exclusive use of the cemetery is for the burial of human remains and shall only be used for cemetery purposes.

2. Automobiles and other vehicles must not be driven in excess of fifteen (15) miles per hour. All traffic signs or directions must be strictly observed.

3. Cemetery employees are prohibited from receiving any payment, tip or other compensation in any form from lot owners or other persons during regular working hours.

4. No children under 16 years of age are allowed in the cemetery unless accompanied by a responsible adult.

5. All persons are expected to leave the site of a graveside service upon completion of the service unless special permission is received from the cemetery office.

6. No person shall gather flowers, damage trees, shrubbery or plants, or feed or disturb animal life. No person shall have refreshments within the cemetery. No person shall loiter within the cemetery.Page 95 of 143

7. Visitors will be admitted to the grounds at all times during the day but no visitors shall be admitted after sunset. Cemetery gates open at sunrise and close at sunset.

8. Funerals shall have priority over any other activities.

9. All interments must be enclosed in a regular cement, metal, or heavy-duty polypropylene vault.

10. The Cemetery Superintendent is to be notified of hours set for a funeral and the space selected as soon as the family decides in order to allow ample time for the necessary preparations. In no case should this notification be less than twelve hours prior to the funeral. The cemetery office opens at 7:00 am and closes at 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. The cemetery office is closed on Saturday and Sunday. In case of emergencies call 334-705-5400 or 334-705-2221.

11. No parking off asphalt roads will be permitted.

12. No funeral, graveside service or interment may be scheduled on a holiday designated or observed by the City. The prohibition of no funerals on holidays may be waived by the Cemetery Superintendent in the case of deceased persons whose religious beliefs require an expedited burial on a holiday so as to allow early burial to take place without delay.

13. The cemetery is devoted to the interment of the dead. A strict observance of proper decorum will be required of all visitors. Boisterous activity, including the playing of loud music, is prohibited. The playing of amplified sounding devices or other noise making machines is not permitted on cemetery grounds. All visitors should conduct themselves in a quiet manner that shall not disturb any service being held.

14. No soliciting is permitted in the cemetery.

15. No pets or domestic animals are permitted on cemetery grounds, except for ADA service animals and/or animals approved by the City for a funeral or memorial service.

16. No signs or notices of any kind shall be placed in the cemetery, other than those placed by the City.

17. All work of any kind shall cease while a funeral or interment is underway nearby. Vault trucks, other vehicles and workers shall withdraw from the location of the funeral service to a reasonable distance where they will not be seen while the service is in progress. A $200.00 civil fine will be assessed against persons or entities violating this section.

18. Visitors to the cemetery who are not members of a funeral procession or funeral party may not intrude upon a funeral party or loiter about an open grave. Any persons or vehicles near a funeral service that are not a part of the service must leave at once and withdraw to a reasonable distance from the service.

19. Public gatherings that are not a part of a funeral or burial are prohibited without prior approval by the City Council.

20. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs (controlled substances) are prohibited on cemetery grounds. Law enforcement support will be requested if necessary.

21. Throwing of rubbish on roads or any part of the grounds of the cemetery is prohibited.

22. Recreational equipment, such as skates, skateboards, scooters, ATVs or similar items, are not allowed within the cemetery.

23. Visitors are to conduct themselves in keeping with the dignity and sacredness of the cemetery. Proper attire is required to be worn at all times (shirt/upper body dressing and footwear). No see-through shirts, blouses or pants, and no swimming suits are allowed. No clothing with decals or slogans of unacceptable language that contains and/or refers to sexually suggestive or immoral behavior or profanity, gang activity, alcohol, drugs, tobacco advertisements will be allowed. No lewd or vulgar sayings on clothing will be allowed. Those visiting the cemetery will refrain from any conduct or activity that is unbecoming to the final resting place of those interred within the cemetery.

24. No visitors will be permitted to use the cemetery for any form of sports or recreation, including but not limited to, jogging, skateboarding, roller-skating or rollerblading, bicycling, picnicking, ball playing, barbequing or fireworks.

25. The City shall not be liable for any loss or damage to markers, monuments or other items in the cemetery from causes beyond its control and from any damage caused by the elements, acts of God, thieves, vandals or other acts.

26. The City may, at any time, adopt new rules and regulations, or amend, alter or repeal any of the rules and regulations.