Trash & Yard Waste Services

  1. Collection Schedule
  2. Requirements & Restrictions

Trash and yard waste is collected on a continuous loop so there is not a specific collection day. For about 8 months out of the year trash will normally be collected on the same day as your garbage. During these 8 normal months we start on the same Monday route that our garbage trucks are running and make a continuous loop around the city. When we finish the Monday routes we move to the same routes as the Tuesday garbage routes and follow this procedure until we have covered the entire city. Sometimes we actually finish a route early and will move on to the next area so your trash may actually get picked up the day before your garbage.

There are about 4 months out of the year when routes take longer to collect. Routes collected in November, December and January normally take longer and cannot be picked up in one week. During these months volume is heavy because of leaves falling and the additional waste during the holidays. Also during these times there are 7 days we do not operate due to various holidays. Normally there is another month during the spring when everyone is doing work in their yards and the heavy volume makes us run behind.

Another instance when we run behind is when a strong storm comes through. After strong storms we continue to run the continuous loop and due to heavy volumes we will be behind for a few weeks.