Live Fire Training Photos

On live fire training day, rookie fire fighters get to experience hands on training in house fires. The training goes on all day long, and instructors set up various "scenarios" throughout the day for rookies to walk through - scenarios like how to get through a room that's filled with smoke, and listening out for the beeper devices all fire fighters wear when answering calls. If a beeper goes off, it means the fire fighter wearing the device has stopped moving and might be in trouble. Rookies also learn the art of rescues from house fires. The pictures below are from the live fire exercises held on June 6, 2007.

About the Training

Training on a hot summer day is made hotter by all of the protective gear fire fighters must put on every time they answer the call of an alarm! Fire fighters learn the art staying low and staying smart as they enter a smoke-filled burning house.

Real Life Rescue

In most training exercises, fire fighters don't actually rescue anyone, per se, but mannequins placed in "strategic areas" by instructors. During the June 6th, 2007 exercise a real rescue occurred in the burning (and long since abandoned) house. One of the fire fighters heard "something" behind one of the cabinets left in the house while the exercises were going on. Following up on instinct, fire fighters moved the cabinets in search of the noise and - to their surprise - found a tiny kitten. The kitten was rescued and is doing fine!

Kitten Found Inside Fire Training House