Rookie Training

Because of Opelika’s excellent training facilities, our Fire Department often hosts certification classes not only for those fire fighting candidates who desire to join Opelika’s Fire Department, but for rookies from other communities as well.

Men and women who desire to become fire fighters must first go through 560 hours of training. That totals up to fourteen (14) weeks of training - 40 hours per week. The following is the course study each rookie must complete (and pass) to graduate.

Training Schedule

  • Weeks One through Five: Basic Emergency Medical Technician (E.M.T.) training
  • Week Six: Firefighter Orientation, F.D. Communications, Incident command System, Fire Behavior, and Building Construction
  • Week Seven: Personal Protective Equipment training
  • Week Eight: Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations training
  • Week Nine: Ladders, Aerial Ladders, Forcible Entry, and Ropes and knots training
  • Week Ten: Rescue Techniques training
  • Week Eleven: Extrication (vehicle), Water Supply, and Fire hose training
  • Week Twelve: Fire Streams and Foam Streams, Loss Control and Ventilation training
  • Week Thirteen: Sprinkler and Alarm Systems, Portable Fire Extinguishers, Fire Prevention and Public Fire Education training
  • Week Fourteen: Fire Control (burn week) Live Fire training and State Firefighter Exam on the last day.