Environmental Services

OES is proud to be your service provider for garbage, trash, recycling and animal control services. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality service in a safe and efficient manner.

We provide:

  • weekly garbage and trash service
  • every other week curbside recycling service
  • access to a recycling drop-off center six days a week

We operate:

  • four garbage trucks (Automated Side Loaders) that pick up your 95-gallon garbage cart
  • five to six trash trucks (Knuckle-Booms) that pick up your yard waste and big trash
  • a recycling truck (Automated Side Loaders) that picks up your 95-gallon recycling cart every other week

With approximately 12,000 customers, this is quite a task each week. In order to provide this service safely and efficiently, we need your assistance. 

Our website has all this information, but here is a condensed version of our ordinance to help you.

Opelika Environmental Services is responsible for garbage collection, trash collection, recycling, and animal control.