Mayor's Office

City Government Structure

The City of Opelika operates under the Mayor/Council form of government with the mayor elected at large and the five City Council members elected by ward. Elections for all six offices (the Mayor and City Council) are held every four years.

The City of Opelika is led by the full-time Mayor, who is the Chief Executive Officer and the city's governmental representative. The Mayor reports to the Opelika City Council regarding the City's functions and budgetary concerns.

Current Administration

The current Mayor of Opelika is the Honorable Gary Fuller, who first took office October 4th, 2004.

The Opelika City Administrator is responsible for the supervision of the City's daily operations, reporting directly to the Mayor concerning budgetary matters as they effect the day-to-day functions of the City's department heads. Opelika's City Administrator is Joey Motley.