Fire Prevention Bureau

The Opelika Fire Prevention Bureau consists of several areas of responsibility. These areas are many and varied but have a central theme of safety and fire prevention.


The first area is that of inspection. This is our primary duty. Our daily activities are planned around this pursuit. The main reason for conducting fire inspections is to minimize the risk of life and property loss due to fire. By identifying the conditions that cause fire - and correcting them - the potential for the occurrence is greatly limited.

The City of Opelika has adopted the N.F.P.A. 1001 Life Safety Code 2012 Edition and the International Fire Code 2012 Edition. These two codes are used for our basis of enforcement. The code is the guideline to ensure that all premises, facilities, equipment, processes, operations and fire protection comply with these requirements.

Plan review in conjunction with the building officials helps to identify potential problems in the design stage. This limits the inconvenience to the owner and builder, thereby saving them time and money.

Pre-Incident Surveys

Pre-Incident Survey activities are achieved in the inspection process by giving fire suppression personnel the opportunity to enter buildings and acquaint themselves with the surroundings.

Public Education

Public education is accomplished primarily by providing fire prevention materials to the schools and offering training assistance. Fire trucks and Rescue trucks are demonstrated to reinforce what has been taught in the classroom.

Fire Investigation

Fire investigation is the process of determining the origin and the cause of a fire. In making this determination it is necessary to establish the nature of the fire whether it is accidental or arson.