Emergency Medical Service


The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) that are provided by the Opelika Fire Department consists of the following:

  • Emergency Medical Technicians I: 43
  • Emergency Medical Technicians III (Paramedics): 25
  • Front Run Rescue Trucks: 2
  • Reserve Rescue Trucks: 1 

Twelve of the above EMT personnel are assigned to the rescue vehicle on a full time basis, while the others are assigned to different apparatus throughout the department. All of our apparatus carries trauma equipment. The four front run pumpers are classified as Basic Trauma Units. The staff vehicles are quipped with basic medical response equipment so that we can rapidly respond to medical calls. This can reduce our response time as we go about our daily jobs.

Firemen Standing By Truck

Training & Safety

Our EMT personnel are a vital part of the safety of the citizens of Opelika in that they provide the very best emergency medical service available. Our personnel are constantly involved in some type of classes.