Code Compliance

This division of the Revenue Department is responsible for:

  • Inspecting permitted and non-permitted installed signage within the City limits for ordinance compliance, and takes corrective action as required, including removal of signage.
  • Performing inspections and investigations for compliance with City ordinances and codes, such as zoning ordinances, debris ordinances or subdivision regulations
    • Accumulation of Debris/Outdoor Storage: Property is to be kept free of any accumulation of garbage, litter, debris or materials for recycling. Materials must be stored in a suitable building or enclosed area.  
    • Inoperative/Junked vehicles: Any inoperative vehicle or a vehicle needing major repair or restoration must be fully enclosed and shielded from public view.  (Car covers, tarpaulins, or tents are not considered acceptable.)
    • Structures/Property Maintenance: All structures and building are to be maintained in good condition, free of deterioration or lack of maintenance.  
    • Yard Maintenance: All property including areas adjacent to property lines, such as easements or right of ways, must remain free of conditions that cause the property to become injurious to the general public health, safety and welfare.
      • Weeds or vegetative growth in excess of 12 inches in height
  • Tax and license examination and compliance.