Building Inspection Division

The Building Inspection Division is responsible for the approval and inspections of all construction within the city limits of Opelika. This includes new construction, along with repairs and maintenance to existing structures. Any type of construction requires minimum plans, building permits, electrical plumbing and mechanical permits.

As work progresses the inspection division MUST make inspections to insure that the structures comply with the building codes and ordinances adopted by the City of Opelika. Failure to do so can result in fines, citations for violations and stoppage of work.

Please call the Inspection Division for any additional information and/or price quotes of permits, or to order a copy of the building Inspection Guide.

  1. Jeff Kappelman

    Building Official

  1. David Chapman

    Building Inspector

  1. Kent Hollingsworth

    Electrical Inspector

  1. B.J. Lowery

    Permit Technician

  1. Jerry Williams

    Building Inspector

  1. Whittney Taunton

    Permit Technician

  1. Andy Bell

    Plumbing & Mechanical Inspector

  1. Janie Phillips-Ingram

    Permit Technician